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I'm Timmy Fielding, author of Silent Victim: Growing up in a Child Porn Ring & Untold Stories: How I Survived a Child Porn Ring.

Tidbit on the Author
Timmy Fielding  has foster 33 kids adopting three boys. He currently lives in Kentucky and has been writing for the last five years.

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Synopsis Of Silent Victim:

Silent Victim touchingly illustrates one boy's shattering childhood journey in child abuse as he learns to rely on sheer will and determination to survive the horrors of sexual abuse.

Synopsis Of Untold Stories:

In the memoir, he tells of a scary and lonely world of abuse and pornography and the effects these environments had on him as a child. Untold Stories narrates Fielding's will to survive, thrive, and escape with the help of family and friends who stood by him during difficult times.

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A Word From the Author:  

"Never let the tragedies of your past dictate the hope for your future"-- Timmy Fielding