Timmy Fielding Silent Victim, Untold Stories, A Lost Boy

 Timmy is a shy nine year old little boy, who finds it difficult to make friends and is not very popular. His brother Tommy, on the other hand, is eleven and makes friends easy and is very popular in the neighborhood and at school. Everyday during breaks from school and on the weekends, they leave the house as early as possible to avoid confronting their mother. Their mother is a short, vile, angry woman that beats the brothers frequently as an outlet for her uncontrolled anger. Their father works late hours and is out of town often on jobs and does not know how far she goes, sometimes leaving the boys for dead. One summer day, Timmy decides to go to play in the schoolyard instead of going with his brother Tom, who would rather not play with Timmy.

      At school, he meets Brian, the new third grade teacher and they start a friendship. By the second day, Brian sees some bruises on Timmy and becomes aware of what Timmy endures at home. Brian takes the opportunity to invite him to his house and get to know him even better. Timmy tells his parents that he is spending time with a school age friend and they don't question it. Timmy gets to Brian's house early everyday that summer and sometimes they swim, go to the beach or run around town. Brian compliments and builds up Timmy's self esteem. He tells him how good he looks , how smart he is, gives him hugs and kisses and fatherly affection. For Timmy, this is a dream come true.

    One day while swimming, Brian uses this opportunity to go even further and Timmy is sexually molested for the first time. He is completely devastated and confused. Brian reassures him that he loves him and that they are best buddies. He convinces Timmy to keep their relationship a secret. Brian knows Timmy has kept the secret of his mother's physical abuse all these years. When school starts Timmy is in Brian's class. Brian takes this opportunity to make him popular for the first time in his life. He becomes Brian's assistant and his desk is placed in the front of the class next to the teacher's desk. To ensure plenty of extra time with Timmy, Brian sends a note home to Timmy's Mom, saying that he will tutor Timmy everyday after school. Timmy's mom accepts this without question.

     While walking to Brian's house, Timmy gets jumped and beat up pretty severely by some older kids. He continues to Brian's for sympathy and support. Brian gives both and continues to convince him how much he loves him once again. When Timmy gets home that night, his parents are suprised by the black eye and bruises and his dad finds the kids parents and threatens them. This is the first time he has felt protected by his parents. At school, Brian follows through and the kids have to apologize. Brian works out in his garage everyday and invites Timmy to work out with him. Timmy sees this as a chance to get stronger and defend himself from the bullies. Brian uses each of these instances to build trust, friendship and security. At the same time he increases the sexual side of their relationship until Timmy doesn't even question it anymore. Each step is carefully planned to make Timmy more comfortable and more knowledgeable. Timmy feels it is a trade off for Brian's love, his new popularity and increased self esteem.

     In October, Timmy is invited to a barbecue at Brian's on a Saturday. All the guests that arrive are men. There is a time of playing in the pool and Timmy gets extra attention from all the men and has a great time. Just as he is getting out of the pool one man tells him that he is the dessert tonight. Timmy is confused and starts getting nervous as the men's smiles start revealing their true intentions.